Electrify America overhauls website, adds dozens of new sites “coming soon”


Electrify America overhauled its website content today including an improved location map which is now zoomable and filterable. In the process, the charging site operator added an additional 94 locations for a total of 134 specific sites under active development. The network has 27 locations already open for charging.

A total of 16 sites are now listed as “coming soon” to California including two in the larger San Francisco Bay Area, four near Sacramento, and four in the Los Angeles area. Another two are located along CA-99 north and south of Fresno and one is located along I-5 just northwest of Sacramento. Finally, a location is listed in Pismo Beach along CA-1 and another in El Centro along I-8 near the border with Mexico.

Additional states with substantial new listings include Texas and Florida.

This new map does not show all 484 of the planned sites that are part of the first cycle of spending which ends in June, 2019. California alone is planned to get about 160 locations during that first cycle but only 16 sites are listed today as coming soon.

In other recent news, the company announced yesterday that it has signed an agreement with the Ohio Turnpike and Infrastructure Commission to open two locations each in the towns of Genoa and West Unity.

The company, a fully-owned subsidiary of Volkswagen, also announced network interoperability roaming agreements with the charging providers EV Connect, Greenlots, and SemaConnect. The agreement will allow customers with an existing account with one of those networks to use chargers at another provider’s charging sites.

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  1. Thanks Jeff! This is great to see the expansion of stations in the process!

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  2. So is Topeka not shown now because its in the first phase? It was coming soon until now. Any ideas?


    • Good question! There used to be a “coming soon” entry for the Walmart at 1501 SW Wanamaker Rd. in Topeka but it has disappeared from the latest map.

      I have no idea why that happened. I wouldn’t read too much into that other than the schedule for that location may have been slightly delayed. I still expect that it is part of the first cycle plan overall.


      • There is a location in work at Waco, TX (visually confirmed on PlugShare prior to the remapping), that shows up on the new map near Wichita, KS; so it may simply be mislocated on the map.


      • There are supposed to be charging sites in both Waco and Wichita. I think Waco just fell off of their list but ai’m not sure why.

        Photos show that both sites are under construction. Someone else reported another site like Waco that was on the old “coming soon” list but is not on the new one. I suspect it’s just a mistake.

        There are so many locations in progress now that the website people are getting confused by them all. 🙂


      • If you look on PlugShare, they show the same Witchita location on Kellogg Drive that is now shown on EA’s website map. PlugShare has photos showing the installation in progress in Witchita with Dillard’s Deptartment Store in the background which matches the actual Witchita address. Likewise, the PlugShare page for the Waco EA installation shows photos with a Walmart in the background from one angle and some houses in the background from another angle. That matches the address given on I-35 Frontage Road.

        These seem to be two independent EA installations and EA just didn’t include Waco on their new map for some reason.


      • If you check the address of the Wichita site I’m referring to (really NE of Wichita), the address shown is for a location in Bellmead, Tx (near Waco). Also, the location in KS seems to be on a turnpike in the middle of nowhere. And I don’t think there was an explicit option showing for Waco (but maybe there was a placeholder location) until after the remapping.


      • I visually confirmed the Topeka site is under construction with conduit run and concrete poured. Chargers are on site and seem to be soon to be installed.

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