Nissan’s mysterious live PR event today for a “high performance LEAF”

Nissan’s Japanese language twitter account, but none of their other regional twitter accounts, posted a link for a live YouTube stream set for this afternoon to carry a press conference about a “high performance” model of the LEAF.

The time is apparently set for 5pm Pacific, although clicking the link to the video indicates the stream could start a bit earlier. The text running along the top of the YouTube window says “【中継】#日産リーフハイパフォーマンスモデル発表記者会見


According to an English Google translatation, that means “[Relay] # Nissan Leaf High Performance Model Presentation Press Conference”.

The link is available at:

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  1. High Performance and Nissan LEAF is an Oxymoron in our area of Phoenix. The heat wilts the battery capacity 10x faster than any other electric. Performance has to be sustainable and the LEAF is not.


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