Electrify America rolls out charger software update, phone app coming soon


This recently updated and corrected map shows the approximate Cycle 1 DC charging locations planned to be completed and open by the end of 2019.

After having spent a year installing over 140 DC charging sites, Electrify America is now in the process of rolling out updated software and services for users of its expanding nationwide network. Altogether, the company has said a total of around 500 DC charging sites along highways and in 17 metro areas are planned to be operational by the end of this year.

A recent update of the software controlling the charging dispensers improved the readability of the screens during charging and also added an informational popup touting an upcoming smartphone app. 



An informational popup screen on idle chargers now is promoting the company’s new smartphone app that is expected to be released imminently.

It’s too soon to know whether the new charger updates resolve or reduce persistent problems that some users have reported when attempting to use their credit card to initiate charging.

The company’s website is also now teasing the new smartphone app for Android and Apple’s iOS. The app is expected to enable subscription pricing discounts as discussed in a recently updated “terms of service” document online:

“The [phone app] Solution may provide you the option to sign up for a monthly subscription plan that provides discounted pricing at company’s network of electric vehicle charging stations for a monthly fee….You will need to provide company with authorization to charge your credit or debit card on a recurring basis. The fee for the subscription plan will be charged to your payment method on file at the time of enrollment and then each month thereafter…”

The app does not appear to be available for download from Apple’s iOS App Store or Google’s Android Play Store yet.

Electrify America also recently announced that it has added an additional nine site-hosting partners that will get some 30 sites altogether. The companies include the leading grocery chains Kroger and The Save Mart Companies; real estate investment trusts (REIT) including Federal Realty Investment Trust, Fulcrum Property, ShopCore Properties, ValueRock Realty Partners, The Macerich Company and Washington Prime Group; and Pan-Cal Corporation, a real estate development and investment company.

According to a media release, more than 20 of the new charging sites will be located in California. Other charging sites will be built at locations in six additional states including Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, Virginia and Washington.

The second of the company’s four 30-month planning cycles is set to begin on July 1.

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  1. Thanks for keeping us updated.

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  2. I love the roll out however the pricing scheme is way too expensive for slowing charging EVs. You feel gouged after only 10 minutes of being plugged in.


    • I understand the feeling. Right now there isn’t a lot of competition where many of these highway chargers are being installed.

      Even when there is an alternative it is often a bit slower and only with one or two charging dispensers rather than the four or more the Electrify America sites have.

      So, it’s a trade off of $$ vs convenience.

      For slower-charging cars it may be roughly equivalent in pricing to driving a not-too-efficient conventional gasoline car. For newer and faster-charging cars it is better.

      We should find out soon how the pricing model will work with the new subscription plans they are apparently going to fill out.

      Still, many folks will be doing ~90% of their charging cheaply at home and only using the Electrify America sites on rare occasions or for a road trip now and then.


  3. Nice article; well written.

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