GM issues software update for Bolt EV battery problem

Updated May 11, 2018

A new GM software update has been issued for essentially all 2017 and 2018 Bolt EVs — even for those cars that previously were updated as described in this article published in April.

See the new article at: GM releases new round of updates for all Bolt EVs

GM has issued a software update for all 2017 Chevrolet Bolt EVs to improve advanced notification to drivers about a failing battery cell condition in a small percentage of Bolt EVs that can lead to unexpected and relatively sudden loss of power while driving.

The GM notice says it was issued to Bolt EV owners on Tuesday, April 3 but owners began getting notifications in their Chevrolet smartphone apps today.

GM is asking for all 2017 Bolt EVs to be brought in to dealers to receive the update.

Owners of 2018 Bolt EVs do not need to do anything.

The software update gives the driver an earlier alert that the car is reducing its propulsion power and may shutdown soon. This makes it easier for drivers to pull off the road safely.

The bad battery cells which can cause this reduced propulsion event have only been occurring in a relatively small number of cars.

GM is using OnStar to monitor the battery cells in all Bolt EVs for early indications of bad cells and says they are successful at notifying Bolt EV owners that their cars have a problem the large majority of the time prior to any reduced propulsion event occurring.

Update: GM has issued an official statement regarding the new software update

GM issued a customer satisfaction bulletin today asking 2017 Bolt EV customers to contact their dealer to schedule service for a software update. This action is not a safety recall.  The new calibration software will provide additional warnings if a battery cell low voltage condition occurs, which could cause the vehicle to reduce or lose propulsion. Only some vehicles may experience the battery low voltage cell condition, but we are asking all 2017 vehicles to participate in the program.

An article about this bad battery cell problem was just published by Electric Revs on April 2. See the link below.

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