Electrify America preps first site with 10 chargers


This photo was taken on July 18 at the Barrett Pavilion shopping center in Kennesaw, Georgia and uploaded to the popular EV charging infrastructure website PlugShare.com.

Electrify America is building its first highway charging site capable of handling up to 10 cars in the Atlanta, Georgia suburb of Kennesaw along I-75. Another location capable of charging up to 8 cars recently opened along I-95 in Stratford, Connecticut.

Altogether, the company lists 6 regular charging sites and its company headquarters as open and available for public use with at least 29 additional locations under development. All of the nearly 300 initially planned highway corridor sites will have between 4 and 10 charging spaces. A further 186 or so community DC charging locations in 17 metropolitan areas will have between 3 and 6 charging spaces.

All of Electrify America’s highway-oriented locations support ultra-fast 150 kW DC charging spaces for cars using the CCS charging standard. So far, at least one 350 kW CCS charging space is being supported at each open location. All locations also support at least one 50 kW CHAdeMO charging space for vehicles such as the Nissan LEAF although these are expected to be upgraded to support at least 100 kW in the near future.


Electrify America’s location map shows open sites in green, and those under development in gray. The smaller icons indicate approximate locations for sites planned to be open or under development by June, 2019.

The actual power used during charging is controlled by the vehicle. Most existing cars on the road today will not charge significantly faster at these new stations but a few cars can.

The Chevrolet Bolt can charge at up to 55 kW which is 20 percent faster than at older 50 kW chargers installed in North America today. The Kia Soul EV and Hyundai’s Ioniq EV and their new Kona EV all draw up to near 70 kW. The Jaguar I-PACE is expected to draw near 100 kW and the Audi e-tron is rumored to utilize at least that much power. Both the Jaguar and Audi cars are expected in the US market over the next year. The Nissan LEAF is also rumored to charge at near 100 kW when it gets a new 60 kWh battery pack in 2019. The only car known to utilize 350 kW charging is the Porsche Taycan (previously known as the Mission E) and it is not expected until late 2019.

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  1. Hey Jeff, you should at least credit where your photos are coming from. In this case, you lifted it from Plugshare. I know because I TOOK that photo and uploaded it to Plughshare …


    • Agreed. I did originally add links to PlugShare’s website for the Georgia and Connecticut charger pages. I also originally intended to include another image from PlugShare and credit it specifically but ended up deciding not to use it. This decision had the effect of making the credit to PlugShare’s site less obvious.

      I will update the article to make this more clear. If it helps, I have previously taken and uploaded some of my own photos to PlugShare (including recent photos of Electrify America charging locations under construction in Oregon).

      Would you like to be credited by name for the Kennesaw, Georgia photo used in the article?


      • No need to credit me by name. I just think it’s appropriate to at least mention that you’re getting the photo from Plugshare; then linking to their listings is a good courtesy. I don’t know what their policy is on reuse of photos that have been uploaded to them.


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