Tesla, Electrify America adjacent DC charging sites near completion in Livermore

A large DC fast charging zone at the San Francisco Premium Outlets mall in the East Bay town of Livermore is rapidly nearing completion and is expected to open before the end of the year.

It is one of two highway charging locations initially being added to the Bay Area by Electrify America and is among the first of the new urban-style Tesla Supercharger locations as well. The other Electrify America location is nearing completion in Novato.

The new location, whose construction is believed to be managed under a common general contractor, has 20 Tesla Supercharger spaces each with a dedicated charging capability of 72 kW.

It also has 10 Electrify America charging spaces supporting the CCS charging standard of which eight have a dedicated capability of up to 150 kW and two have a dedicated label capability of up to 350 kW. One of the 150 kW units also supports charging with a CHAdeMO connector supporting the Nissan LEAF at up to about 50 kW (to be later upgraded to 100 kW).

Most Tesla Supercharger sites use dynamic power-splitting between pairs of adjacent charging spaces at up to 120 kW at the vehicle (145 kW theoretical) in order to optimize the cost of charging equipment while providing high charging rates.

A single car can charge at full power while if both paired charging spaces are in use the power can be split between them. As a car’s battery becomes full it naturally accepts a slower charging rate which allows an adjacent car a larger share of the power.

Urban Supercharger sites like this one are designed with less peak power capability at each charging space but guarantee up to 72 kW and are intended for charging at malls and retail areas. One advantage is that it allows for a more predictable charging time for drivers.

The Tesla side of this EV fast charging parking area appears to be essentially complete. The Electrify America side looks almost complete but its utility transformer is not yet present. Nearby underground utility power access vaults also appear to be incomplete.

Typically it would take a location like this several more weeks to go through final permit inspections and testing before opening for public use.

The same mall also hosts two small separate charging areas with 50 kW DC charging for a total of up to 4 vehicles provided by EVgo. EVgo also provides one AC J1772 charging space. The combined Tesla and Electrify America zone also includes 2 free Tesla-compatible AC charging spaces.

Electrify America, which services the US, now has 35 locations open with another 451 planned by the end of 2019. Tesla has 577 locations open in the US and is rapidly expanding its network in conjunction with rapid sales of its Model 3 and other vehicles.

Electrify America says that the Livermore site is among nine locations in California expected to open before the end of 2018.

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  1. No DCFC site better demonstrates the downfall of CHAdeMO stations in the US. This one has 20 Tesla, 9 CCS but only 1 CCS/CHAdeMO

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    • I think Nissan May have to somehow fund an alternative CHAdeMO-friendly highway network. Or, just give up on CHAdeMO in North America. Kia and Hyundai have already switched to CCS and Honda recently introduced their first DC charging car in NA, the Clarity EV, as a CCS car. Right now it’s just Nissan and a modest number of Mitsubishi Outlander PHEVs that are still being sold with CHAdeMO. What will Toyota do when they are forced to finally sell a DC charging BEV?


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